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An Editorial -- Joseph W. McQuaid, Publisher: Our bootlicker-in-chief

New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher

July 17. 2018 9:06PM

People who thought a weak and dying Roosevelt gave away too much to the Russians at Yalta in World War II may want to reconsider. Compared to the pathetic, boot-licking performance of President Trump at Helsinki this week, FDR had his A-game going against Joseph Stalin.

Republicans who are now, finally, trying to distance themselves from Trump have no one to blame but themselves. They kept silent as Trump has disgraced and demeaned the office, damaged our relations with loyal allies, and repeatedly attempted to destroy a free press.

But when an American President openly sides with a Russian KGB thug against our own country, these politicians sense that the “optics” don’t look so good and might threaten their power and perks in midterm elections.

Trump, of course, is now trying to walk things back, but even his hard-core supporters must wince at how he tries to worm his way out of his nauseating Helsinki brown-nosing of the dictator Putin.

But the Republican Party isn’t Trump’s hard-core faithful; and if the party doesn’t clearly denounce this shameful and disgraceful performance, it is going to find itself with no credibility and no hope for years to come.

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