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Keene officer shoots dog to stop attack on another dog

Union Leader Correspondent

March 06. 2017 8:23PM

KEENE — A city police officer shot a dog Saturday evening to save another dog that was being attacked.

Both dogs were taken by their owners for veterinary care following the shooting.

Two police officers responded to a report of the dog attack that took place on a walking trail in the woods off Graves Road, Keene Police Lt. Steven Tenney said Monday.

The owner of a golden retriever reported that three pit bulls attacked her dog.

“A woman had called. She was walking her dog with another woman and her three dogs. During the walk it appears the other woman’s three dogs started attacking her dog,” Tenney said.

Tenney said the women had met up at the trail to walk their dogs together.

When police reached the scene, the pit bulls’ owner was holding back her dogs and the golden retriever had serious injuries. The pit bulls were not leashed, however, and two of the pit bulls broke free. They went in the direction of the police, then turned to the golden retriever and started attacking it again, Tenney said.

“One of the dogs was attacking its head while the other dog was attacking its neck area,” he said. “In order to stop that attack, the officers fired at both the dogs. One of the dogs was struck, but as a result they both stopped attacking... . One ran off into the woods while the other one ran to the owner.”

During the incident two more Keene police officers responded with dog leashes.

“It would appear that none of the dogs were on a leash,” Tenney said. “Obviously it is always a great idea to leash your pets. Even if you know and trust your dog, you never know what you may encounter in the woods. As well as we train our dogs there is still that little bit of wild in them where they revert to their hunting and pack mentality and that could be when they come across a porcupine or another dog.”

The pit bull that was shot and the attacked dog were taken by their owners in private vehicles for veterinary care, Tenney said.

“I don’t know the extent of their injuries. It is my understanding that both the victim dog and the dog that was shot are still alive,” he said.

Tenney said he can’t recall a Keene police officer having to shoot a dog before.

“In my 18 years this (is) probably one of the first instances I can think (of) that we’ve had to do this,” Tenney said.

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