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Another View -- Wayne MacDonald: Kelly and Marchand agree on higher taxes

July 19. 2018 7:48PM

In New Hampshire, we pride ourselves on getting the job done without raising taxes. We do not have an income tax and we do not have a sales tax. Over the past 19 months, under Republican leadership in Concord, we even cut taxes.

Unfortunately, the two Democrats running for governor — Steve Marchand and Molly Kelly — would repeal our job creating tax cuts and impose new taxes upon the backs of hardworking Granite Staters. We cannot let this happen.

Despite having the fastest growing economy in New England and the second lowest unemployment rate in the nation, Marchard and Kelly pledge to roll back the job-creating business tax cuts signed into law by Gov. Chris Sununu. Marchand supports raising the gas tax. Kelly and Marchand both support raising the minimum wage to an unsustainable $15 per hour. Where will it stop?

Sometimes, Kelly and Marchand conceal their tax hikes in the form of government programs. They both support paid family medical leave, which would surely lead to an income tax. Marchand is even refusing to take the pledge to veto any broad-based income or sales tax. Kelly says she is taking the pledge, but after two months of promising, has yet to do it. Just a few weeks ago, Kelly was caught on camera saying that some day, the voters of New Hampshire may even be ready to implement a sales and income tax.

The Democrat’s unabashed advocacy for raising taxes is alarming, and would send New Hampshire back in the wrong direction. Thankfully, taxpayers have a strong ally in Concord with Gov. Chris Sununu. He passed a balanced budget with no new taxes or fees while overseeing one of America’s strongest economies.

Business taxes are lower today than at any point this century, the electricity consumption tax was eliminated, and shortsighted efforts by Democrats to impose additional canoe and paint taxes were voted down by the Republican legislature. By all measures, things are going great here in New Hampshire. The stakes are too high and costly to send tax hikers like Molly Kelly and Steve Marchand to the corner office.

Wayne MacDonald is chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee.

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