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Biff strikes back: Trump sees the enemy, and it is us

December 30. 2015 12:39AM

It’s a wonder that Trump Winery ever managed to produce a single bottle.

From Donald Trump’s perspective, all the grapes are sour.

Trump was in Nashua this week, holding one of the open therapy sessions he claims are campaign rallies, and he decided to use his time on stage to rail against this newspaper. He took issue with Monday’s editorial calling him a blowhard and comparing him to Biff Tannen, the profane bully from the “Back to the Future” movies. He then spent several minutes proving our point.

He called Publisher Joe McQuaid a “lowlife,” “dishonest” and “a bad guy” who is “doing a terrible job.” He said the Union Leader is “a pile of garbage” that is “going down the tubers.” He even predicted that we wouldn’t be around in two years.

None of this says anything about Trump’s qualifications for the presidency, or where he stands on the issues, but his crowd seemed to like it.

Trump has convinced himself that the only reason he didn’t earn our endorsement is because he skipped the Voters First Forum we organized back in August. The show somehow went on without him.

He also thinks that our criticism of his vitriolic and shallow campaign has been orchestrated by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who did earn our endorsement for President. That’s just bonkers.

Trump just can’t believe that anyone would reject his insulting, sophomoric campaign. We declined to endorse him because he is unqualified and unsuited for the job he seeks.

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