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Bush, in Hampton, says military buildup is needed to keep peace

Union Leader Correspondent

January 21. 2016 8:47PM
Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush speaks in Hampton Thursday night. (KIMBERLEY HAAS/UNION LEADER CORRESPONDENT)

HAMPTON — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said on Thursday night that the United States needs to rebuild the country’s military, impose term limits for federally-elected officials and fix a broken regulatory system, during an event at Hampton Academy.

Then he asked the crowd for their vote.

“You want to keep the peace, you need to rebuild the military,” Bush said during his speech, insisting that occupational forces worldwide is not war-mongering, but rather lifts countries with U.S forces in them up.

Bush used the example of South Korea, saying that in 1950, it was the poorest country on the planet. Today, it is a first-world country with the highest literacy rate on the globe, he said.

Bush told the crowd that more than half of millennials believe the American dream is dead. To make that dream a reality again, Bush said the country needs a balanced budget, a President with line item veto power and term limits for elected officials in Washington, D.C.

Bush said that in Florida, where he was governor, there are term limits, and as a result, younger people with the “zeal to perform” participate in the democratic process.

He also said people in power need to stop blaming each other for the country’s problems, particularly the President.

“I’m happy now we are in the eighth year, and I think Barack Obama has finally stopped blaming my brother,” Bush said, referring to George W. Bush.

Bush emphasized fixing the U.S. regulatory system, which he says makes it harder to do business than other countries in the world.

“We rank 49th in the world in ease of doing business,” Bush said. “Russia is ahead of us, Afghanistan is ahead of us. … It’s the government on top of us that is holding us back.”

Bush said tax reform would also help the economy grow, and says his plan would create higher wages and lift people out of poverty.

Bush ended his speech by asking the large crowd for their vote on Feb. 9.

“If you want someone who passionately believes in the greatness of the country, I hope you vote for me two weeks from now,” Bush said.

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