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Finding the Allenstown killer: Calif. case shows killer's lies

New Hampshire Sunday News

January 28. 2017 10:08PM

Eunsoon Jun 
A killer's aliases
The man who was Denise Beaudin's boyfriend when she disappeared in 1981 went by many different names in different places, authorities say:

Robert T. Evans: New Hampshire,1977-1981

Curtis Mayo Kimball: Los Alamitos and Cypress, Calif., 1984-1986

Gordon Curtis Jenson: Santa Cruz County, Calif.,1986

Gerald E. Mockerman: Franklin County, Idaho, and San Luis Obispo, Calif., 1987

Lawrence William Vanner: Richmond, Calif., 2001-2002

Evans died of natural causes in prison in California in 2010.

When police in Contra Costa County, Calif., questioned the man calling himself Lawrence William Vanner about his missing girlfriend, he insisted she was fine and was in Oregon.

But detectives noticed he spoke of her in the past tense.

It was September of 2002 and friends and relatives of Eunsoon Jun, a petite, dark-haired woman who had moved to California from Korea, were worried. No one had seen or heard from her in months, according to a 2002 affidavit by a California homicide detective.

Eunsoon met Larry Vanner when he answered her ad for a handyman, a cousin told an NBC reporter. He moved in with her, and the two later held a commitment ceremony in a friend's backyard.

But according to the affidavit, Eunsoon had told a close friend they had argued over finances and about having children: She wanted them; Larry did not.

After Eunsoon disappeared, Vanner told some friends that she had gone to Virginia to take care of her mother; he told others she was in Oregon, working on a cabin they were building there.

Later, Vanner told investigators that Eunsoon didn't want to be found, but that she was alive and in Oregon.

When they ran his fingerprints, they learned that Vanner was Curtis Mayo Kimball, who was wanted for skipping parole 12 years earlier.

A pre-sentence probation report revealed that Kimball had been arrested in 1989 for child abandonment and molestation.

Kimball had been living in a trailer park in Scotts Valley, Calif., in 1986 under the name Gordon Curtis Jenson. With him was a 4- or 5-year-old girl named Lisa.

A neighboring couple had gotten friendly with Jenson and his little girl. When the neighbor mentioned that her daughter was having trouble conceiving, she was shocked when Jenson suggested she could adopt Lisa, according to the report.

Jenson gave the child to them for a two week "trial period."

"Jenson said Lisa's mother had been killed in a traffic accident in Texas, but he told other people that Lisa's mother (his wife) was killed in a robbery in Texas," the report stated.

The woman's daughter and her husband wanted to keep the child and contacted a lawyer, who advised them to get Lisa's birth certificate and her mother's death certificate.

But Jenson had fled, leaving Lisa behind.

Lisa was placed in a foster home and later adopted by a police officer.

After Kimball was arrested in California in 1989, he pleaded guilty to the child abandonment charge. The molestation charges were dismissed because Lisa's adoptive parents did not want her to have to testify in court, according to the court documents.

Kimball went to jail and was paroled in 1990. He fled the next day and spent 12 years as a fugitive, until he surfaced in Contra Costa County as Larry Vanner.

"The authorities were never able to determine whether or not Lisa was Jenson's biological daughter, and there was suspicion that she may have been kidnapped but that was never proven either. To (this) day that information is not known," the probation report concluded.

Police searched Eunsoon Jun's home on Sept. 26, 2002. In a dirt basement, they found a pile of clean kitty litter.

An investigator noticed some tools near the pile - a saw, an axe and a meat cleaver - that appeared to have hair on them.

Then they saw a woman's sandal sticking out of the pile.

Investigators had found Eunsoon Jun.

Vanner - the man who called himself Bob Evans when he lived in Manchester, N.H., in the late 1970s and early 1980s - was convicted of her murder in 2003 and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison.

He died in prison on Dec. 28, 2010, having never disclosed who the child Lisa was and where she was from.

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