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Crimethink: Democrats attack speech, again

July 12. 2016 8:44PM

If you disagree with Harry Reid and his Senate puppets, they will try to shut you down.

Like the world’s worst puppet show, 19 Senate Democrats were assigned conservative and free market groups to attack for their audacity in questioning liberal orthodoxy on climate change.

Democrats were sent specific groups to target on the Senate floor, including the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, free market non-profits, and state-based think tanks.

Climate change zealots have moved their crusade to the U.S. Senate as their attempt to sue their opponents into silence is falling apart. The attorney general of the U.S. Virgin Islands dropped his subpoena seeking 40 years of records from Exxon, and similar attempts to intimidate libertarian think tanks have been rebuffed.

Senate Democrats don’t want to have a debate on climate change, because they keep losing. They rely on outdated climate models and outright fraud, and their policy solutions would greatly increase energy prices while having a negligible effect on carbon emissions.

So they are instead trying to kneecap the federal and state think tanks that fuel conservative arguments. The draft Democratic party platform calls for criminal prosecution of companies and groups that depart from the approved groupthink on climate. That’s chilling.

Democrats should welcome an open debate on climate. Instead, they are employing Orwellian tactics to prevent such a debate.

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