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Hassan wrong on Iran: Empty foreign policy promises

August 23. 2016 10:34PM

Maggie Hassan seems to think that the best way to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon is to give them planeloads full of cash, do nothing as they test ballistic missiles, and let them inspect their own nuclear facilities.

Hassan was an early supporter of the Obama administration’s lousy Iran deal, and she’s sticking by it despite mounting evidence that Iran has played America for a fool.

The Hassan campaign’s national security plan contains tough talk about containing Russian and Chinese aggression, and stopping Iran’s nuclear ambitions. But there’s nothing behind it. Hassan is mistaken if she thinks the ludicrous Iran deal is how to hold aggressive regimes in check.

During her interview with the Union Leader this week (, Sen. Kelly Ayotte reiterated that the reason the U.S. doesn’t pay ransom is that doing so encourages our enemies to take more hostages. Iran has already detained three more Americans since taking possession of the $400 million that the Obama administration still insists wasn’t a ransom.

Ayotte also expressed her concern about Russia using Iran to launch airstrikes into Syria to prop up the Assad regime.

Hassan hasn’t said a word publicly about the State Department’s payoff, coincidentally held up until Iran released four American prisoners.

By standing up for a crumbling Iran deal, Hassan shows that her tough talk on national security is just empty bluster.

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