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Laconia walkout: Politics before education

March 04. 2018 9:02PM

Laconia School Superintendent Brendan Minnihan wants a March 14 walkout to be a “teachable moment.”

We’re certainly learning a lot about his priorities.

Minnihan wants Laconia teachers and administrators to join Laconia high school students in walking out of class as part of a nationally orchestrated gun control protest.

Liberal groups have seized on last month’s shooting in Parkland, Fla., that killed 17 people in their zeal to disarm law-abiding Americans. They are organizing students in a 17-minute walkout next week.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everyone for Gun Safety is putting Parkland high school students out in front as the public face of its effort in order to shield the movement from criticism. It is a ghoulish and cynical spectacle.

Minnihan is happy to play along. It is one thing for students to waste their own time, but quite another thing for Laconia to align the school district with a political stunt.

If students were walking out of school to protest an attack on their right to self-defense, or some other conservative cause, would Minnihan be so eager to join them?

Left-wing politics should not be part of Laconia High School’s curriculum. Minnihan needs to get his priorities in order. Perhaps he could consider this blunder a “teachable moment.”

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