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Loser's lament: Trump conspiracies are nonsense

October 17. 2016 9:03PM

It’s fairly clear Donald Trump now believes he will not win the presidential election.

Trump has spent the past year saying he was going to win so much, we’d be sick of winning. But over the past two weeks, he has started coming up with excuses for why he’s losing.

Trump says the media is “rigging” the election by focusing on his myriad flaws and ignoring the embarrassing emails leaked about Hillary Clinton.

Trump has only himself to blame. Every time a new Clinton scandal erupts, Trump steals the spotlight with some fresh foolishness. He spends weeks fighting lost causes, like his horrid treatment of women or his spiteful attacks on a Gold Star family.

Trump can whine about the press all he wants, though he wouldn’t be the Republican nominee without the wall-to-wall coverage he received over the past year. He goes too far in suggesting the election could be stolen at polling places.

In her column today, Kathy Sullivan condemns Republicans for not condemning Trump’s talk of a rigged election. Strange that she fails to address Al Gore’s continued claims of a stolen election, or John Kerry’s wild conspiracies about rigged voting machines. If undermining an election “endangers our country and our democracy,” you’d think Sullivan would object when Democrats do it.

Gov. Mike Pence says he will accept the voters’ choice. So should Trump. If and when Trump loses, it will be because Republicans nominated the worst candidate in American history.

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