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Epping lawmaker questions mental stability of person who wrote threatening postcard

Union Leader Correspondent

October 06. 2017 10:19PM

Rep. Sean Morrison, R-Epping, said he received this threatening postcard in the mail. (COURTESY)

EPPING — A pro-gun rights lawmaker targeted in an anonymous postcard that called him “NRA vermin” and mentioned his children says he hopes the author is tracked down soon because he fears the person is mentally unstable.

“I think the person who wrote it should seek help because obviously there’s an emotional stability aspect. That’s an overlooked aspect in this whole gun debate,” said state Rep. Sean Morrison, R-Epping.

Police are investigating the postcards Morrison and Republican state Rep. Michael Vose, also of Epping, received earlier this week.

The postcards said, “I hope your kid blows a big (expletive) hole in his head with your gun. Cull the gene pool of you NRA vermin. You’re a traitor no flag for you.”

The postcards arrived just days after gunman Stephen Paddock sprayed bullets into a crowd gathered for a country music festival in Las Vegas, killing at least 58 people and injuring more than 500.

While he found the message unnerving, Morrison said he wasn’t too concerned because it wasn’t a direct threat.

However, Morrison said the postcard “does give me pause because it brings family into politics, which should not happen.”

He said his biggest concern is the writer’s mental health.

Morrison posted about the postcard on his Facebook page Wednesday night. He said he only posted a message about it because he hoped someone might recognize the handwriting to help identify the writer.

Morrison said he supports efforts to place additional regulations on bump stocks, which allow a semi-automatic weapon to function like a fully automatic rifle.

“I’m glad that the NRA and national politicians are going to take a look at regulating those bump stocks,” said Morrison, who called such regulation “common sense.”


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