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Fiorina: Putin's actions 'speak louder than words'

New Hampshire Union Leader

October 05. 2015 7:58PM

MANCHESTER — Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina favors giving Vladimir Putin the cold shoulder after Russian airstrikes in Syria, and making it be clear that U.S. fighter jets can fly when and where they want in the war on terrorism.

“I would stop talking to Vladimir Putin for now,” Fiorina said of the Russian president. “Vladimir Putin’s actions speak much louder than his words, and so must ours.”

Fiorina, in remarks to Manchester Rotarians on Monday, repeated her call for a no-fly zone in Syria. She said the U.S. should take additional steps toward its military objectives, including conducting regular military exercises in the Baltic states and possibly putting a few thousand more troops in Germany.

“This adminstration, through its weakness, has rewarded bad behavior over and over and over again. You don’t have to be a diplomat to know that if you reward bad behavior, you get more bad behavior,” she said.

The former Hewlett-Packard chief executive officer said that Putin’s actions might embolden other adversaries around the globe. She cited China, and its construction of military bases on man-made islands to extend its reach into the South China Sea.

Fiorina fielded a half dozen questions at Fratello’s Restaurant after her remarks.

Saying “crony capitalism is alive and well,” Fiorina said the federal government is too big, costly, and intrusive. She said government, with some departments’ rules being onerous, is getting in the way of job creation.

She said cutting spending and growing the economy is the only real path to chipping away at the nation’s debt, and she proposed simplifying the tax code as a means to get there.

Fiorina said, “73,000 pages needs to be about three,” adding that rates must be cut and tax loopholes plugged.

She said that when she launched her campaign, most media and pundits did not give her a chance, and how voters, particularly in New Hampshire, took time to listen to her.

Fiorina praised the first-in-the-nation primary state, adding that, “It’s not just because I’m surging in the polls.”

New Hampshire is a place where campaigning is intimate, she continued. “Campaigning happens in the back yard, in the living room, in the Rotary Club, and in the elementary school.”

Fiorina wrapped up three days of campaigning that included a tour Monday of Rapid Sheet Metal and Machining in Nashua and a house party at the Bedford home of Drew and Lauren Cline.

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