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Judge orders release of murder weapon in Pam Smart case

Union Leader Correspondent

March 30. 2016 10:57AM
UNION LEADER FILE The handgun used to kill Gregory Smart, seen in evidence during the Pamela Smart trial, was supplied by Vance “JR” Lattime Jr. 

UNION LEADER FILE/AP Testifying in the Pamela Smart trial, Vance “JR” Lattime looks at the murder weapon he was accused of supplying the night Billy Flynn shot and killed Smart’s husband, Gregory.

BRENTWOOD — A judge reluctantly allowed the murder weapon used to kill Pamela Smart’s husband back in 1990 to be released to its owner – 26 years after the notorious killing.

Rockingham Superior Court Judge Andrew Schulman reversed an earlier decision to not release the weapon, which state prosecutors argued they might need if Pamela Smart continues to contest her first-degree murder conviction.

Vance Lattime Sr. asked the state to give back his .38-caliber revolver, which he had turned over to Seabrook police in June 1990 when he heard it might have been taken by his son, Vance Lattime Jr. and used to kill Gregory Smart.

Attorney Mark Stevens, who is representing Lattime Sr., asked Schulman to reconsider his decision not to release the gun.

Schulman said murderers sometimes gain cult status, elevating the value of items connected to a crime.

“It would take a psychologist, a sociologist or an anthropologist to explain why our society transforms murderers into B-list celebritites,” Schulman said in the order. “But, if released to (the owner), the ‘gun from the Pam Smart’ case will itself attain a B-List status. To prevent that from happening, if the court could do as it pleased, it would forfeit the gun to the state and order it destroyed.”

Smart is serving life without parole from her 1991 conviction of orchestrating her husband’s murder.

She was convicted of accomplice to first-degree murder for having William Flynn, her teenage lover, kill her husband in May 1990.

Lattime Jr., who provided the handgun and getaway car, was convicted with two high school friends for helping carry out the murder at Smart’s condo in Derry.

Smart has no role in the latest legal action.

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