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Kasich says Obama action on guns 'poisoning the well'

New Hampshire Union Leader

January 05. 2016 3:00PM

John Kasich accused President Barack Obama of “poisoning the well” with his executive actions today on gun control.

Kasich, a Republican running for President, said Obama is going the wrong way about addressing gun violence.

The Ohio governor, while not having fully reviewed the actions Tuesday afternoon, said the mental health component  sounds like it has merit. But, he argued, Obama is erring in acting like a dictator, rather than a President working with the legislative branch to enact law.

“You don’t just shove these things down their throat,” Kasich said. “All you’re doing is further poisoning the well. you have got to be able to get along with people who are the lawmakers and not just take it into your own hands, no matter how frustrated you get.”

Kasich called himself a “Second Amendment” guy Tuesday in speaking with the media after addressing the NH Primary Student Convention at the Radisson in Manchester.

He was critical of the executive branch under Obama in his remarks to the college students. He said the lack of consensus-building was evidence in the Affordable Care Act.

“The problem with Washington now is that the President  has no relationship with Congress and Congress has no relationship with the President,” he said.

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