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Mason man arrested for shooting neighbor's dog

November 05. 2016 9:28PM
Travis is pictured before the shooting. (New Hampshire State Police)

A Mason man has been charged with cruelty to animals for shooting his neighbor’s dog three weeks ago.

Colton Skorupan, 39, was arrested Saturday on the Class B felony charge after he turned himself in to state police at the Troop B barracks in Bedford.

State police said in a news release that Skorupan and the dog’s owner, who was not identified, disputed where the animal was when it was shot on the afternoon of Oct. 15.

The animal’s owner said her dog, named Travis, was on her property at the time, but Skorupan told police he and his 6-year-old son were on their land when the dog began to run toward them, barking. Skorupan drew his pistol and fired at the dog, but didn’t realize he had hit the animal until his neighbor confronted him.

The dog’s owner said she was on her property when she heard a gunshot, and called to her dogs. When Travis responded, she saw a gunshot wound to his back, above the shoulders, and called police.

Skorupan told police he had had issues in the past with the neighbor’s dogs and considered them aggressive. He said he feared for his safety and the safety of his son.

But the dog’s owner said her property is fenced in and her dog would not have been able to come as quickly as he did if he wasn’t on her land.

Trooper First Class Christopher Cummings, who investigated the case, was unable to determine the exact location of the shooting, because of the densely wooded nature of the area, according to the news release. Police said there was a discrepancy of about 500 feet between where the neighbors say the shooting occurred.

State police said the bullet entered Travis’ back and exited without hitting any vital organs.

Skorupan was released on personal recognizance pending arraignment on Jan. 23 in 9th Circuit Court in Milford.

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