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Trump -- The loser: Donald's decades of failure

February 04. 2016 6:18PM

If you challenged Donald Trump to a game of Trump: The Game, he’d lose.

Losing is what he does.

Trump promises that if he’s President, we would win so much, we’d get bored and ask him to lose. And Trump has been losing for decades.

After inheriting his father’s real estate empire, Trump has used crony capitalism and eminent domain to increase it. But Trump’s attempts to set up his own businesses have been striking failures.

Trump Steaks lacked sizzle.

Trump Ice bottled water dried up.

In 2006, Trump said, “I think it’s a great time to start a mortgage company.”

Trump Mortgage Company shut down in 2007., a search engine for luxury travel deals, logged off after a year.

Trump Magazine stopped publishing after just two years.

Trump Airlines never turned a profit, and defaulted on its loans.

You can’t order a Trump and tonic because nobody makes Trump Vodka anymore.

Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for bankruptcy in 1999.

And 2004.

And 2009.

And 2014.

Trump University closed its doors in 2011, but is still facing lawsuits for ripping off students for packaging a trumped-up self-help seminar as an actual education.

Too bad Trump failed to get his New Jersey Generals into the NFL. He’d have made the Cleveland Browns look like winners.

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