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Trump tells crowd at Londonderry stop, 'There's nothing wrong about being angry'

Union Leader Correspondent

February 08. 2016 8:23PM
Falling snow Monday afternoon can't temper the enthusiasm for Donald Trump outside his town hall at the Londonderry Lions Club. (Eli Okun)

LONDONDERRY — Hours before holding a major rally in downtown Manchester, Donald Trump stopped by the Londonderry Lions Club Monday afternoon for a town hall that showcased the presidential candidate as a bit more subdued, if still angry.

The intimate space, which held fewer than 200 attendees plus a thicket of reporters, allowed Trump to speak directly with a variety of voters. At the end of the town hall, he tried to position the anger that courses through so many of his supporters in context.

“I’m not an angry person, but we’re angry at the level of incompetence and the level of stupidity we see in our government,” he said. “There’s nothing wrong about being angry.”

Still, he sang a somewhat different tune a few questions earlier, when a young woman asked if he would return a campaign contribution from the white nationalist William Daniel Johnson.

Trump said he didn’t know who Johnson was and that he would return it.

“You’ve been asked to return it,” she said.

“Don’t be so angry,” Trump shot back. “Who the hell is he? I don’t know.”

Trump returned a few times to the wall he plans to make Mexico fund along the southern border, which he cited as a solution to the country’s broken immigration system and to New Hampshire’s opiate and addiction crisis.

In response to a question from town manager Kevin Smith about making the United States more economically independent, Trump said it boils down to jobs. “We need jobs!” he said multiple times, adding that the country should tax companies that move employment abroad.

He also said the real unemployment rate is not the official 5 percent, but actually 25 percent — or, perhaps, 42 percent.

When one woman asked him to explain why the national debt has grown, Trump blamed politicians but reassured her: “Don’t worry, we’re going to get it down.” She asked how. “It’s called competition,” he said.

He was just as unwilling to dive into details on defeating the Islamic State in response to a question from a little girl, citing the potential danger of giving the enemy public information about military plans. “Trust me,” he said. “We will win.”

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