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Lucky ducklings rescued from storm drain at Hampstead Middle School

Union Leader Correspondent

May 30. 2018 9:28PM
Two ducklings were pulled from a storm drain in Hampstead last weekend. (Courtesy)

A pair of ducklings fell through this storm drain cover at Hampstead Middle School and had to be rescued. (Courtesy)

HAMPSTEAD — A pair of lucky ducklings were rescued after falling into a storm drain at Hampstead Middle School on Saturday.

The ducklings were discovered by a local couple walking their dogs who heard them in the drain.

Animal Control Officer Sheila Johannesen, who responded to the call for help, said the drain was near the middle school.

Johannesen and the dog walkers dug around the storm drain cover and were able to eventually lift it to get to the ducklings, which appeared to be mallards, about six feet down. But the ducklings hopped onto two exit pipes and sat there, making it difficult to catch them at first.

Road Agent Jon Worthen showed up to lend a hand.

While the water wasn’t very deep, the rescue took some time as the ducklings had to be enticed off the pipe and back into the water for Johannesen to scoop them up with a long net.

Tossing pieces of bread onto the water did the trick.

“They thought about it for a few minutes,” Johannesen said.

One of the ducklings finally went for the bread and was caught in the net and pulled to safety. Soon, the second followed and was removed without a problem.

Johannesen said she doesn’t think the ducklings were in the drain very long. They appeared to be healthy. No mother duck could be found, but she said it’s possible the ducklings were old enough to be living on their own.

This was Johannesen’s second duck rescue. She encourages anyone who encounters a similar situation to contact their local animal control officer immediately.

“It’s a nice feeling to be able to rescue something and have a good outcome,” Johannesen said.

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