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Peahen causes flap in Kingston after couple finds one hanging with local wild turkeys

Union Leader Correspondent

June 07. 2018 4:05PM
A peahen flies away as Kingston firefighter Andrew Silver tries to catch it with a sheet on the deck of a Kingston residence Thursday morning. (Kingston Fire Department)

A stubborn peahen refused to budge after flying up onto the roof of a Kingston home Thursday morning. (Janet Leary)

KINGSTON - A local couple had a wild encounter with a rogue peahen that wandered into their yard Wednesday morning, flew onto their roof and then wouldn’t budge.

Homeowner Steve Sadowski said he tried to get the big bird off the roof, but had no luck at first.

“The bird didn’t do anything. It just kind of looked at me like, ‘What the hell do you want?,’” he said.

Sadowski and his partner, Janet Leary, eventually called for help bringing police and firefighters to their Bob White Drive home with a fire engine and ladders.

“We didn’t know what we were going to do with it if we caught it,” said firefighter/AEMT Brian Gallant.

The peahen is believed to be someone’s escaped pet, but Sadowski, who’s lived at the home for 40 years, said he’s never seen it before and doesn’t know anyone in the neighborhood who owns one.

The bird was first spotted walking through the yard about 9 a.m. Sadowski said he saw a turkey go through first and a short time later the peahen followed, which at first he assumed was another turkey.

“I saw this rascal going out to where the turkey was going,” he recalled.

Sadowski ignored the bird at first and continued working in his shed, but soon noticed it on the roof of his house. Sadowski walked over for a look thinking he’d shoo the bird away.

“I got closer to it and it didn’t look like a turkey. I didn’t know what it was,” he said.

Sadowski usually has good luck getting wild turkeys off his roof, but this bird was different. Stubborn. He wondered, “What the heck’s wrong with this bird?”

At one point the peahen appeared to be admiring its reflection in a window.

Leary took a photo and posted it to Facebook asking if anyone knew what kind of bird was perched atop his home.

“Immediately someone said that was a female peacock,” she said. “Steve said, ‘Well I’m going to call the police because it’s not natural for a peacock to be here.’ It probably belongs to somebody.”

Sadowski said he’s seen a lot of wildlife in his yard over the years, including a bear, moose, deer and rabbits, but a peahen is a first.

It was a first for firefighter/AEMT Andrew Silver too. He was drafted to attempt throwing a white sheet over the bird, which flew down from the roof and landed on a deck.

“It was my first peacock encounter,” Silver said. “I’ve never dealt with a peacock and I thought it was going to be smaller.”

With other firefighters watched and waited, Silver said he had no choice but to “step up and try to grab the bird.”

He succeeded in getting it off the deck, but was unable to capture it. The peahen winged it into the woods where it remains on the loose Thursday afternoon.

Anyone who’s missing a peahen is asked to contact Kingston Police Department at 642-5742.

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