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Puppy bouncing back from bacon grease burns that landed breeder in hot water

Union Leader Correspondent

October 04. 2018 2:32PM

Brena is recovering with her new owner after she suffered bacon grease burns in July. (Courtesy)

RAYMOND - A black German shepherd whose bacon grease burns resulted in criminal charges against her breeder is recovering with her new owner.

The 4-month-old dog named Brena has been on the mend since Wendy Parkhurst of Winchester bought her in early August from Raymond dog breeder Stephanie Britt.

Britt, 37, of 25 Riverside Drive, was charged with two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty for allegedly failing to provide proper medical care for the dog after its face and chest were burned in late July.

Parkhurst reported the dogs injuries to police, according to Raymond Police Chief Michael Labell.

Police say the burns were accidental, but failing to seek prompt medical care for the animal equates to cruelty, they allege.

Britt has entered not guilty pleas through her attorney, Gerard LaFlamme, who has declined to comment on the charges.

According to Parkhurst, Britt told her that the dog was burned when her children were cooking and the grease splattered on her.

The burns occurred while Parkhurst was in the process of buying Brena. She said Britt had been sending her photos of the dog weekly and then informed her after the incident that the dog had been burned.

Parkhurst said she asked Britt if the dog was taken to a veterinarian, but claims she told her that she didn’t take her because she couldn’t afford it at the time.

She said she and Britt then chatted via video with Brena.

“It was bad. I could see that infection had already started,” Parkhurst said, adding that treatment immediately after a burn is critical because shock from such an incident can be harmful to a dog.

Britt offered Parkhurst another dog, but she said she still wanted Brena and made arrangements to pick her up later that day.

Parkhurst, who is also a longtime dog breeder, said she believes a few days had passed by the time she brought the dog home and began treating her and addressing the dead flesh.

“You can see where she was burned because she didn’t grow hair back,” she said.

Parkhurst said Brena has scars and her left eyelid doesn’t close, but she has healed.

“She’s doing really good,” she said.

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