January 25. 2012 6:45PM

NH Senate OKs ID rights bill inspired by Salinger family

CONCORD — Senators Wednesday voted to change the date for state primary elections, tabled a measure aimed at redistricting and agreed to make a person's identity a property right that can be transferred during a person's life or after.

Under the last measure, Senate Bill 175 was inspired by the family of internationally known Cornish author J.D. Salinger — who asked lawmakers to pass legislation that would allow them to control the commercial use of his identity. The bill gives control over a person's identity for any commercial purpose for 70 years after the person dies.

A redistricting measure, which would change some districts to be in line with population changes from the 2010 Census, was first placed at the end of the calendar and then tabled.

Senators agreed on a 13-11 vote on Senate Bill 232 relative to the date for the state primary election, moving it to August and an amendment which would move up from June to May the filing deadline.