April 13. 2012 12:00PM

Friday headlines - NH news from around the web - Updated 4/13

Updated: 04/13


NH woman accused in genocide case released

Beauty queen killer Christopher Wilder takes his own life as police close in in Colebrook

Vt. man charged and jailed in girlfriend assault

The New Hampshire: Universal bathrooms on rise, cost efficient


Feds help NH farmers produce greens off season
In New England farmers plant their crops in spring and harvest them in the fall. At least, that's the way it used to be. Hank Letarte, the owner White Gates Farm in Tamworth, shows me some beds that in early April have already been harvested.

U.S. Coast Guard Accepts New Rescue 21 Search and Rescue Communications System for Sector Northern New England

NHPR: How Refugees Fuel One New Hampshire Business

Mountain peaks, water make up NH brand identity


Engineer Recalls Challenger Disaster
"Like everyone else in the control center at the time, I was totally shocked. Couldn't believe what I just saw," said McDonald. By the next day, McDonald began to have a picture of what happened, which goes back to a warning he gave to NASA on the eve of the launch.

New web series sets mystery at a fictional boarding school in New Hampshire

Off-Broadway ‘Massacre' is a bloody allegory at the Rattlestick

Seth Meyers says no one leaving ‘SNL' - yet


Gilford urged to go to court over House districts


John Sununu, Former New Hampshire Governor, Says Obama Still Unprepared To Be President

Washington Post: Questioning Biden's use of "spending" at NH rally

Let's go to the dictionary. The definition of “spending” at dictionary.com is “to pay out,” and so it's deceitful for Biden to use the word spending in this instance. It would lead one to assume that people are being paid, or that a transfer of money is taking place, but no. Private citizens and companies are just being allowed to keep their own money.

Obama, Romney campaigns trade blows over 'never worked' remarks


M.D. Harmon: In Maine, the light is brighter, but 'Taxmageddon' looms in D.C.

FreeKeene calls out Concord Monitor for editorial critical of oversight

FreeKeene: NH House Redress of Grievances Committee Needs Your Support!

Eagle-Tribune: Haverhill talks tough, does little in Thompson case
When the time came to take a stand in a court of law, city officials folded like a cheap house of cards.


Portsmouth blogger lets you experience the Boston Marathon without having to actually run it

Long-Distance Motorcyclists Preparing For New England Motomarathon, June 7-10
Each day's ride averages 300 to 400 miles.

Nick David debutes at #431 in Global Poker Index
The highest new entry on the rankings list is New Hampshire's Nick David at 431st on 89.79 points.