October 26. 2012 9:10PM

Mr. President, who let them die?


Note: With the President due to campaign in Nashua today, his answer to our Editorial Page Director Andrew Cline's question, if he has one, would no doubt be of great interest to New Hampshire voters.

Every time President Obama is asked why the U.S. embassy in Libya was denied its multiple requests for extra security at the Benghazi consulate before Sept. 11, he changes the subject. No wonder, as yesterday it was reported that not only were previous requests for extra security denied, but three additional requests on the night of the attack also were denied.

FOX News reported that the two former SEALS killed in the Benghazi raid had requested military support three times after reporting that the consulate was under attack. Their requests were denied by someone up the CIA chain of command. Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty rescued several personnel and recovered the body of diplomat Sean Smith from the consulate. At the CIA annex nearby, they came under mortar fire. Their request for a strike on the mortar site was denied. They were later killed by a mortar attack.

Who denied their request for assistance, and why? The families of those brave men deserve answers, as do the American people.