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New Hampshire’s three potential issues with Sandy:

October 29. 2012 12:45PM

New Hampshires three potential issues with Sandy:

1) Flash flooding. What happens with flash flooding, the sky opens up and you get a couple inches of rain in a short amount of time, said Jim Van Dongen, spokesman for the Emergency Operations Center.

At that point, large amounts of water run into small streams, causing flood damage to properties along the streams, that happened when Irene struck the White Mountains int eh fall of 2011. Debris such as leaves and sticks can clog culverts, floodings roadways and undermining them.

In cities, the water is more likely to can flood streets. Leaves this time of year can also clog storm sewers, making it difficult to get water of city streets. Our rivers are nowhere near their high point. We dont expect serious river flooding, Van Dongen said.

2) High winds. High winds can cause trees or tree limbs to toppple, sending them into powerlines or structures. Public Service of New Hampshire warns that anyone who sees a powerline on the ground should expect that it is energized and should stay away from it. Power restoration will not begin until winds subside, roads are cleared and damage assessment is made, said PSNH spokesman Martin Murray.

3) Rough surf. Were not expecting coastal flooding, but there is the damage of possibility from high surf, Van Dongen said. High surf can lead to beach erosion and damage to property near the coastline.

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