November 15. 2012 10:49PM

Neighbors report students on Derry school roofs

Union Leader Correspondent

DERRY - Using a combination of neighborhood watch techniques and high-tech surveillance, the school district is working to lower vandalism at its school buildings.

Over the past weekend, neighbors spotted students on roofs at two district schools.

There was no damage to either of the buildings, according to school business director Jane Simard.

"I want to give a big thank you to the neighbors," she said. "The schools are alarmed if someone gets in, but if someone is merely on the roof, the alarm does not go off."

The sharp eyes of the neighbors helped alleviate any potential damage to the schools.

"We have had damage in the past," Simard said. "It's good that we have neighbors that keep an eye on what goes on at the schools."

Although the neighbors' watchful eyes can be an effective deterrent, Simard said each school also has about nine surveillance cameras on the property.

"The kids might not be on YouTube, but they are on my computer and the police department's computer," said Simard.

Simard did not identify any of the young roof walkers, but she said it is likely that when this type of incident happens, it can be former students looking to get into a little mischief.

"They are on school property and they should take pride in their schools," she said. "We are also encouraging students to participate in watching their buildings."

Simard said the district's maintenance department works hard to protect the buildings and keep them in good condition.

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