November 23. 2012 8:00PM

Man charged with reckless driving

Union Leader Correspondent

Todd Goodman is charged with reckless operation and conduct after an accident, after a road rage incident in Candia he failed to report. (Candia Police Department)
CANDIA - A Candia man has being charged with reckless operation and conduct after an accident after hitting another vehicle during an illegal pass and attempting to flee the scene, police said.

According to the police affidavit, Todd Goodman, 46, of Candia, was driving behind Deborah Deslongchamps on Merrill Road in Candia on the night of Nov. 6 when he became frustrated, believing she was driving too slowly and braking too frequently.

He attempted to pass Deslongchamps on the left, despite the fact that there were no legal passing zones on Merrill Road.

As he was completing the pass, Goodman pulled back into the lane prematurely, scraping the front of Deslongchamps' vehicle with his rear right bumper and tire, according to police.

No one was hurt, and both cars remained on the road. According to the affidavit, Goodman made no attempt to stop or contact police.

Deslongchamps took down Goodman's license plate number and called Candia police around 7 p.m. A registration check identified Goodman's Jeep Wrangler.

Candia Police Officer Daniel Gray found Goodman's Jeep in the garage; it had damage consistent with the accident, according to police.

Goodman has been charged with conduct after an accident (hit-and-run), reckless operation and unlawful passing on the left.

He was released on $750 personal recognizance bail on Nov. 13. He will appear before the 10th Circuit District Division Court in Candia on Dec. 5.