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Plot twist: Missing wine at Portsmouth store was never missing

State House Bureau

December 05. 2012 12:13PM

CONCORD - An Attorney General's Office investigation concludes there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing in what was mistakenly reported as missing wine during a Portsmouth liquor store move last year.

The report notes no wine was ever missing or stolen during the move as earlier reported.

Earlier reports indicated about 300 cases of wine were unaccounted for in the move from the old location to the new one in the same shopping plaza on Islington Street.

'We conclude that no wine ever went missing from Store No. 6,' according to the report.

Instead a spreadsheet created during the move was mistaken for actual documentation of store inventory, according to the attorney general, and had no direct correlation to wine at the store.

Misunderstandings about the spreadsheet were reported to the Liquor Commission which led to additional misunderstandings, according to the report.

'A careful review of Liquor Commission inventory records dispels this misunderstanding and does not reveal any unaccounted-for wine ever present at the store in the first place,' according to the report's executive summary. 'Accordingly, there is no evidence that any criminal conduct occurred during the Store No. 6 move in early December of 2011."

The missing wine was one of several incidents including illegally hiring a lobbyist that caused the House to investigate the commission last summer and fall.

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