January 02. 2013 12:14AM

BAE gets more work on F-35 jet

NASHUA - More than $241 million in work on the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter jet will be added to the workload at BAE Systems in Nashua, as part of three contracts worth $4.8 billion awarded to the project's main contractor, Lockheed-Martin.

As the prime contractor, Lockheed-Martin handles the final assembly and provides many major components. Its key partners are Northrop Grumman for communication systems, Pratt & Whitney for the main engine, and BAE for electronic warfare, flight control and fuel systems.

In announcing the three contracts on Dec. 28, the Naval Air Systems Command identified BAE as eligible for 5 percent of each contract awarded.

The largest is a $3.7 billion contract for 31 of the fighters, with 18 for the Air Force, designed to land on an runway; six for the Marines, designed to take off and land vertically; and seven for the Navy, designed to land on air craft carriers.

Lockheed also received three other contracts worth approximately $1.1 billion for spare parts, software and logistic systems needed to sustain the program.