January 01. 2013 11:18PM

Undoing voter ID: Why is this a priority?


Liberals said New Hampshire's new voter ID law was unconstitutional. They said it was going to "disenfranchise" voters. They said there is no such thing as voter fraud. They were wrong on all counts. And still they are pushing to overturn the law.

The U.S. Justice Department, run by voter-ID opponent Eric Holder, approved the law. On Election Day, there were no reports of anyone being denied the right to vote because of the law. The New Hampshire Secretary of State's Office said there were no cases of disenfranchisement.

After the 2012 elections, other states reported cases of voter fraud. A former Democratic candidate for Congress was charged with trying to vote in both Florida and Maryland in previous elections. A Democratic state representative in Massachusetts agreed last month to plead guilty to multiple counts of voter fraud after an FBI investigation. And state officials in Iowa said they were pursuing multiple cases of voter fraud.

Nonetheless, Rep. Timothy Horrigan, D-Durham, is pushing to repeal the law. He told New Hampshire Public Radio last month, "There's this whole theory about voter impersonation. I understand why it'd be bad if people were going around impersonating voters, but it's simply not happening."

Voter fraud does happen. Requiring an ID at the polls makes it tougher to commit. Let's not make it easier.