January 15. 2013 7:09PM

Online, Seacoast mothers rally after Portsmouth mom of infant twins dies

Union Leader Correspondent

PORTSMOUTH - Communities of mothers are rallying around 3-month-old twin boys whose mother died early Sunday from complications related to a respiratory infection.

Corie Jabre, 30, of Portsmouth was already raising two sons when she gave birth to her twins, Liam Lancelot and Brian Charles, in October, committed to breastfeeding them both.

Her three sisters were amazed at Corie Jabre's dedication.

Now, they are amazed by the overwhelming support being offered by the local community, and online communities of mothers who learned about Jabre's death this week and the need for breast milk for her two infant sons.

The family has collected over 1,000 ounces in donated breast milk for the boys so far, who are not handling formula well.

Family friend Barbara Martinez has also set up a fundraising page through the website www.giveforward.com to raise money for the family to pay funeral costs and to help the family buy everything the babies need, including diapers and clothes. As of Tuesday afternoon, donations had already reached over $10,000.

In addition to the twins, Jabre, a Portsmouth High School graduate and local beautician, left behind a 16-year-old son, Chance, and a 10-year-old son, Stefan. Jabre's parents have assumed responsibility of all four boys for the time being.

Jabre's sister, Logan Ringenburg lives in Chicago and came home when her sister became ill last week. Ringenburg is the mother of a 5-month-old daughter and a 3-year-old son and thought she would come home to help with the babies while her sister recovered.

All of Jabre's boys had been ill in the week leading up to her illness, and she remained dedicated to taking care of them before falling ill herself.

Jabre saw a doctor on Friday and received a prescription for a sinus infection, but did not get better. The next evening, she went into the hospital with difficulty breathing and doctors discovered she was suffering from pneumonia.

Around 3 a.m., the family was told to call a priest and to come say goodbye, Ringenburg said.

Memorial services for Jabre will be held this weekend.

As family and friends grieve, they are also doing their best to provide support, love and necessities to the four sons left behind.

Ringenburg said taking care of the boys is a good distraction for her parents from the grief of losing one of their four daughters.

"They have a lot of love to give, but not so much money," Ringenburg said.

Ringenburg said it was amazing to see how many mothers want to help support the babies by providing excess breast milk.

"Those wishing to help can visit www.giveforward.com/memorialfundforcoriejabre for more information.