January 18. 2013 12:24AM

Tepid on gun control: Reid's cautious reaction


The most interesting reaction to President Obama's dog and kiddie show on Wednesday came not from the National Rifle Association, but from that most partisan of partisan Democrats, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

"I thank the President's task force for its thoughtful recommendations," Reid said. "I am committed to ensuring that the Senate will consider legislation that addresses gun violence and other aspects of violence in our society early this year."

Reid did add that "we are not doing enough" to combat gun violence and that "all options should be on the table." But in sum his remarks were decidedly lukewarm. They were the sort of comments politicians give when they want to appear open to a proposal they really wish would go away.

Reid, of course, is from Nevada, where guns are ingrained in the culture. Because of that, he has been so friendly to gun-owner rights over the years that the NRA's Wayne LaPierre once called him "a true champion of the Second Amendment back in Washington, D.C."

Reid knows that at least seven Senate Democrats could lose their seats this year by voting for strict gun control measures, according to several Washington political reporters. Liberals will blame this on the NRA. Really, it's because so many voters are wary of government efforts to control guns, which is something New Hampshire's delegation needs to keep in mind.