January 19. 2013 11:50AM

New Londonderry apartment complex owners serve eviction notices

Union Leader Correspondent

LONDONDERRY - The new owners of the Stonehenge Apartments complex are taking action against tenants who've fallen behind on their rents.

On Friday evening, several tenants of the apartment community, located at 23 Stonehenge Road in Londonderry, reported they'd received eviction notices.

One single mother, who said she didn't want her name published for fear of retaliation, said she was unable to pay her overdue rent as she was barely scraping by.

The woman and several others have sought assistance through area churches.

Brady Sullivan Properties in Manchester purchased the apartment buildings, which were built in the 1970s, about a month ago, principal Arthur Sullivan confirmed on Saturday.

Sullivan said his company learned shortly after purchasing the property that some tenants had gotten behind in their rent, and over $65,000 in delinquent rent was owed.

"We got in touch with these tenants and some of them came by the office to pay up in full or make other arrangements," Sullivan said. "But there's always some people who choose to ignore it."

Those who opted for the latter received eviction notices on Friday, he said.

"If people ignore it until it reaches a crisis point, there's not much we can do," Sullivan said. "It's truly a tough situation and that's why we chose to wait until after the holidays to do this."

Sullivan said he wasn't sure exactly how many apartments would be affected by the evictions, though suggested "there's probably a handful of them" that haven't gotten in touch with property management to address the problem.

Company officials stressed that the evictions process would be done legally through the court system, with action only being taken against those who haven't made any effort to pay off their debt but still refuse to vacate.

The apartment buildings have been seen better days, Sullivan noted, and efforts are underway to conduct full renovations.

"We take pride in our properties and there's been a lot of deferred maintenance on these buildings: both structurally and cosmetically," he said.