January 27. 2013 4:57PM

Shameless: Obama's gun control campaign

Last week, President Obama began the administration's campaign tour for gun control. As The Washington Post reported, Obama and Vice President Biden have decided not to try to persuade members of Congress to pass gun control legislation, but instead to campaign in the districts of members who are not on board with the administration's agenda. They are bypassing members and going directly to the people. The people are more easily swayed, Obama believes.

As part of this campaign, the President "is expected to make an emotional appeal in his State of the Union address," the Post reported. The White House is expected to invite families who lost children in the Newtown, Conn., tragedy last month to attend the address alongside the First Lady. What a surprise.

The President who pressed for tax hikes on families making more than $250,000 a year by labeling them "millionaires and billionaires," who portrayed the notably generous Mitt Romney as an uncaring vulture, intends to push for gun control on behalf of the children.

Questions about whether Obama's proposed changes will actually work will be dismissed by the teary-eyed President, children on either side, who insists that the only way to show we care is to do as he prescribes. Emotional manipulation is a tool of both sides, of course, but no one employs it as shamelessly as Barack Obama. It seems that we are about to find out just how shamelessly.