February 09. 2013 11:03AM

Unitil asks homeowners to keep gas meters and vents clear of snow

HAMPTON - Unitil, (www.unitil.com), a provider of natural gas and electricity to customers in New England, urges the public to keep natural gas meters, heating and appliance exhaust vents clear of snow and ice to prevent carbon monoxide buildup within their homes.

The nor'easter still impacting the region has left significant amounts of snow around people's homes. Heavy, wet or blowing snow can block heating and appliance exhaust vents which can cause equipment to malfunction resulting in a loss of heat or the possibility of a deadly buildup of carbon monoxide in the building. As snow accumulates, Unitil advises the public to take the following steps:

Keeping vents and meters clear will allow for proper ventilation and can prevent carbon monoxide buildup within your home.

Customers experiencing outages should call the following toll-free numbers:

- For the NH Seacoast Area: 1-800-582-7276

- For the NH Capital Area: 1-800-852-3339

- For Massachusetts: 1-888-301-7700

You can also report outages online at http://www.unitil.com/report-outage.