February 20. 2013 10:34PM

UNH police chief gives tips on surviving campus shooting

Union Leader Correspondent

DURHAM - University of New Hampshire Police Chief Paul Dean wants staff, faculty and students to feel comfortable taking action if ever involved in a campus shooting.

It was a point that he hammered home Wednesday afternoon during a presentation to faculty and staff on surviving an active shooter event on campus.

More than 100 people attended, and a second session has been scheduled for March 19 from 1 to 2:15 p.m.

Dean talked about the "outs," namely, getting out, hiding out or "taking out."

With a campus-wide ban on weapons, including firearms and pepper spray, some staff questioned how they should fight back.

The idea of "taking someone out" is about a mind-set of believing it is OK to attack, whether with a book or backpack or as a group, if the situation were to arise, Dean said.

Dean said, "You have to find a way to protect yourself and do what you can to survive."

Not everyone was pleased with the response.

Professor Jimmy Raeder told Dean he found the information contradictory.

"You can't hide out and take out at the same time," Raeder said. "What are we supposed to do?" He asked Dean to define "whatever it takes."

Dean said that was individual.

Other staff felt the presentation gave them important things to think about, including creating plans for each office and department in the event of an emergency.