March 25. 2013 8:58PM

Well, that stinks: Man takes tumbles into Brentwood pit of sewage

Union Leader Correspondent

BRENTWOOD - A septic service worker cleaning inside a sewer pump house at the Rockingham County complex slipped and fell six feet into a pit of sewage Monday afternoon, fire officials said.

"We had to clean him up the best we could," Fire Chief Kevin Lemoine said.

The man, who works for Stewart's Septic Service, accidentally fell into the sewage shortly after 3 p.m., Lemoine said.

Jude Gates, the county's director of facilities, said the pump house is located in front of the Rockingham County jail on North Road and manages sewage from the jail and the Rockingham County Nursing Home.

The facility is used to pump sewage to the wastewater treatment plant.

"We've never had any problems there before," she said.

Lemoine's son Gary, a Brentwood firefighter and emergency medical technician who responded to the scene, said a coworker helped the man climb out of the sewage.

The worker was standing outside the pump house when Brentwood fire and rescue personnel arrived.

"He was in good spirits," said Gary Lemoine, adding that the man still had some sewage on his body.

He suffered minor injuries and was transported to Exeter Hospital where he was expected to be decontaminated by medical personnel.

"Once we got him to the hospital we had to decontaminate the ambulance and anything that got touched," he said.

Gary Lemoine said the man is lucky that he wasn't seriously hurt.

"It was an unusual call," Brentwood police Detective Randall Frotton said.