April 05. 2013 12:12AM

Police use stun gun, pepper spray on Gilford man

GILFORD - An officer used a stun gun on a man he arrested for DWI, and a second officer later hit the man with pepper spray after he began smashing his head against the police cruiser's barrier and cut his forehead, police said.

The incident happened Monday night when police responded to a 911 call on Cherry Valley Road, where a vehicle had collided with a sign in front of the Gunstock Inn.

When Officer Douglas Wall arrived, a man was walking away from a 2001 BMW that had struck a wire attached to a utility pole. Wall yelled for the man to stop, but the man, identified by police as Cameron Lobo, 23, of 344 Old Lakeshore Road, No. 13, allegedly ran down a steep hill toward the inn's parking lot.

Wall caught up to Lobo after he fell and rolled down the hill. The officer told him repeatedly to stop, get on his knees and put his hands behind his back. Lobo, police said, refused to comply and began yelling obscenities, resulting in a struggle, with Wall ultimately zapping him with a stun gun.

A subdued Lobo was handcuffed and held on the ground until another officer, Kevin Baron, arrived. Lobo was placed in a cruiser, but on the way to the station he began "forcefully hitting his head against the cruiser's barrier," cutting his forehead, according to a news release.

Baron stopped the cruiser and the officer attempted to get Lobo to calm down and prevent him from further injuring himself. Lobo, police said, would not comply and during a second struggle, he was sprayed with pepper spray.

After being initially treated on the roadside by Gilford Fire Rescue, Lobo was taken to Lakes Region General Hospital for further treatment. At the hospital, police said Lobo remained uncooperative, yelling obscenities and threatening officers and hospital staff.

While being placed in restraints, police said Lobo head-butted Wall in the chest and injured a nurse when he spit blood and saliva in her right eye.

Once Lobo was medically cleared, he was taken to the Belknap County jail where he was held on charges of DWI, simple assault, unregistered motor vehicle, misuse of plates and operating without a valid license. He was released on $2,500 personal recognizance bail after being arraigned Tuesday in 4th Circuit Court, Laconia District Division.