April 05. 2013 10:58PM

Police waiting on ID of body pulled from river

Union Leader Correspondent

NASHUA - Police say there is a chance that the body pulled from the Nashua River on Thursday could be that of a 43-year-old man reported missing in February after he did not return home from a walk.

"We are investigating the possibility that they are related," Lt. Michael Moushegian said on Friday. Police were expecting on Friday to release the identity of the adult male found partially submerged in the Nashua River by a passer-by on Thursday afternoon. However, Moushegian said the Medical Examiner is waiting to confirm additional information before publicly releasing the man's identity. Dagualberto Arzuaga, 43, was reported missing nearly two months ago after walking a relative's dog near Mine Falls Park.

Although the dog returned home, Arzuaga never did, prompting police to search the area and send a dive team into the Nashua River in mid-February. Despite the previous search, Arzuaga has been missing ever since.

"We have reached the family, and we have been talking to them," said Moushegian. "I am confident that in the coming days we can confirm the identity."

It is still unclear how long the man's body was in the water, but police said it did not appear to be a recent incident.

"There doesn't seem to be any foul play or criminal acts involved. We think this was just an accident," said Moushegian, adding that the public has no cause to be concerned for safety.

There are a few more elements of the case to confirm before the man's name will be released, police said. Spectators gathered around the Nashua River in the area between the restaurant and the Nashua Public Library on Thursday afternoon to watch as a dive team removed the body from the water. The body, stuck on a large branch protruding from the water, floated face down while crews attempted to free it and hoist it onto land. The body, as it was pulled from the river, appeared to be wearing jeans and boots, but no shirt.

Earlier this year in the same vicinity, city police responded twice to Black Bridge, an old covered bridge near the railroad trestle, for two unrelated suicides.