May 04. 2013 8:27PM

Giant dreadlocked banana man: 'im laughing all the way to the bank'

New Hampshire Union Leader

EPSOM - A man who claimed to have lost his life savings of $2,600 at a carnival game, and gained national attention for the giant banana with dreadlocks he received as a consolation prize, could end up with more than double what he lost thanks to a televised appearance and the interest of a humor website.

Henry Gribbohm, 30, said last week that he lost $2,600 trying to win an X-Box Kinect game system for his kids at a carnival game called "Tubs of Fun," in which players attempt to sink two softballs into plastic buckets, on April 27. He said he complained to carnival management that he believed the game was rigged and received $600 in cash and the famed giant banana.

Gribbohm, who could not be reached Saturday for comment, said last week that he got caught up in the moment.

"The two guys at that game knew what they were doing, and they were very good. I know I fell for it. I was feeling good and I never recognized what was happening, but you just don't think about that at something like a carnival like this," he said at the time.

He said in post on on Friday morning, after several commentators questioned his intelligence, that he didn't care that people were "trying to pick on" him.

"ive got tough skin and I'm laughing all the way to the bank because of ladies and gentlemen like you. keep it up you're doing great! thank you," his post said.

After his story appeared in numerous other media outlets he was invited to the VH1 comedy show "Best Week Ever" on Friday night, which included an all-expense-paid trip to New York City. He was asked to sink a small ball into a large bucket after the show's hosts made fun of his situation - and made fun of Gribbohm and his numerous tattoos.

"I feel bad for the guy. He blew his life savings of $2,600 when he could have spent it on at least nine more tattoos," said one of the show's hosts, Pete Lee.

He made the shot, then gyrated against the bucket several times and was given an oversized check for $2,600, meaning he is now up $600 since his visit to the carnival.

He may also get even more out of his strange week. The humor website set up a web post in which it pledged to buy Gribbohm's banana for $2,600 if the site received 26,000 "likes" on Facebook and would kick in the XBox system if it got to 30,000 "likes." As of Saturday morning, the post was at more than 37,000 "likes."

Jaime Marsanico, a spokesman for, said in an email message Saturday that the humor website intends to live up to its pledges.

"Yes, that's our plan. We want that banana!" Marsanico said.

Factoring in the carnival reimbursement, the television appearance and CollegeHumor's pledge, Gribbohm could end up with $5,800 after losing his original $2,600.