May 23. 2013 8:13PM

Delaney Flanagan: Memories at the graveyard

Delaney Flanagan

In memory of 1st Lt. Michael Cleary (my Uncle Mikey), killed in action on Dec. 20, 2005.

Up upon the dark and gloomy graveyard

People start to weep as the memories flood back

Why they are here, the importance, the faith and love all hidden behind this day

As tears start to trickle down my face

I remember him picking me up, hugging me, showing me his love and care

But then there is the truth, our loved ones have fallen, therefore their time is done

They have worked hard

Heroes, heroes

We cry for

Sacrifice, Bravery, Love

A tear trickles down my face as I remember this somewhat wonderful day

We know they are in a better place

This is why we try to create smiles for the ones we terribly miss

I laugh, I cry, I try to remember the summers of the glorious lake

The signal of Summer has come now

Memorial day for those soldiers who saved the day

Delaney Flanagan is a sixth grader at McKelvie Middle School in Bedford.