May 24. 2013 1:34AM

Lawyer who made porn videos of teenage daughter gets 40 years in jail

New Hampshire Union Leader

CONCORD — A judge sentenced a Manchester attorney to 40 years in federal prison Thursday for using her teenage daughter to lure young men for her own sexual gratification and making pornographic videos of the girl.

"She was willing to use her daughter as an object to achieve sexual gratification for herself....and left her daughter feeling guilty for her own victimization," U.S. District Court Judge Paul J. Barbadoro said when sentencing Lisa A. Biron, 43.

Biron's 14-year-old daughter — in a videotaped victim impact statement played in U.S. District Court — pleaded for leniency, saying her mother "made some mistakes" but deserved "a second chance."

"My mother is not the monster she has been made out to be," the 14-year-old said during the more than two-hour sentencing hearing.

A federal jury convicted Biron in January on an eight-count indictment that charged Biron with taking her daughter, then 13, to Canada to make videos of the girl having sex with a young man, video recording the girl having sex with another man and video recording herself with her daughter.

Biron was convicted of illegal sexual conduct, sexual exploitation of a child, and possession of child pornography.

Biron, a heavy-set woman with cropped hair, glasses and wearing light-green prison scrubs, told the judge "my life fell apart and my world crashed" in July 2011.

"Being separated from my daughter is the greatest pain I ever felt. Baby, I am so sorry," Biron apologized in open court.

Unimpressed, Barbadoro said there was little in Biron's background that warranted leniency.

In a nod to daughter's appeal for leniency, the judge did not impose the 100-year life sentence the government sought because "I want her to know that I heard her. I think that will be helpful to her rehabilitation."

"In time," he added, "I hope she will come to see the truth, and that is her mother is the victimizer."

"I think the damage you have done to your daughter is incalculable," the judge told Biron.

U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire, John P. Kacavas, said he was "very satisfied" with the sentence.

"It effectively is a life sentence. It effectively removes her from society and eliminates the threat she poses to minors and adolescents," Kacavas said.

Kacavas said federal prison counselors will determine if Biron's daughter will have contact with her mother after she turns 18.

Court-appointed defense attorney James H. Moir sought a 15-year sentence.

He said Biron's conduct followed a period of high stress after her husband abandoned her. Biron turned to alcohol, then "started going down the rabbit hole."

Moir asked for a 15-year prison term and supervised letter writing between mother and daughter.

The lawyer stressed that Biron never distributed the videos over the Internet nor did she try to sell the videos she made of her daughter having sex.

"It was done as sort of a warped memento," Moir said.

Moir said he would appeal, but had no other comment.

Manchester police began investigating Biron in September 2012 after an 18-year-old man told them he met Biron through a Craigslist personal ad she placed.

The man said he smoked marijuana and had sex with Biron.

Later, he said Biron introduced him to her "18-year-old roommate" and encouraged him to have sex with her while Biron video recorded them.

The "roommate" was Biron's daughter, then 13.