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Heat plus stupidity: Keep an eye on the kids

July 19. 2013 11:58PM

It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.

The heat waves of the last few weeks have brought forth too many stories of supposed adults leaving little children unattended inside parked vehicles. The temperatures in those cars can rise quickly to over 100 degrees, especially with the windows either shut or only opened an inch or two, as has been the case in a couple of our reports.

We write this piece not so much to remind people not to leave kids in hot cars. Although anyone can have a minor brain camp, we fear that some of the recent offenders are not readers of newspapers, if they can read at all. But we do urge readers who come across such instances to take a good look at the situation and act accordingly. And err on the side of the kids.

A friend of ours recently came across an instance of little kids left unattended inside a car. This wasn't a question of heat. But the engine was running and the younger of the children was hopping all over the car. Our friend, concerned that the car could move, did the right thing. She dialed 911.

She had hesitated to do so because she was concerned for her own safety. What if the driver came out and threatened her?

It didn't come to that. But if people have that concern, they should make the call and then remove themselves to a safe distance.

The point is that people shouldn't be afraid to make a call or to otherwise step up.

The good news is that people have stepped up in the recent New Hampshire cases. They have alerted authorities.

Further good news has come from the actions of other New Hampshire citizens such as Matt Pulomena. The Hudson landscaper heard a cry for help one day last week and used his knowledge and his compassion to save a 3-year-old who had fallen into a Windham swimming pool.

And if the weatherman is right, today marks the start of a bit more comfortable weather pattern. That may be the best news of all.

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