July 22. 2013 9:33PM

Manchester police use taser on Bedford woman who crashed into light pole

MANCHESTER — A 55-year-old Bedford woman had to be tasered and pulled from her car Saturday afternoon, after striking a light pole and allegedly refusing attempts by police to get her to exit the car.

Maria Bryant was charged with conduct after an accident, resisting arrest and disobeying a police officer.

Police said her car had struck a light pole in front of the Hilton Garden Inn on South Commercial Street around 2 p.m.

Even though the Ford Focus was apparently hung up on the cement base of the utility pole, Bryant allegedly did not cooperate with police and revved the car, even as an officer smashed a rear passenger window of the car to reach her, police said.

She eventually was able to back away, and the car struck the arm of Police Officer Warren Olson, police said.

When another officer blocked the path of her car, Olson entered the car through the rear passenger door and tasered Bryant. Several officers then pulled her from the car, briefly struggled with Bryant and then restrained her.

Police said she was sent to a local hospital for evaluation.

Police investigate Friday afternoon gunshots in Manchester

MANCHESTER — Police reported that a gun was fired in the center city Friday afternoon, minutes after a group of fighting young men dispersed.

Police said the confrontation was reported at Cedar and Union streets about 4 p.m. Friday. One of the participants reportedly displayed a firearm during the fight, police said.

“Moments after the group dispersed, a gunshot was heard in the alley near Cedar Street and Beech Street, where a .380 shell casing was recovered,” a police statement read.

Police said they have identified one possible participant, but his exact role is unclear. A red Mazda 3 with two to three passengers may also be related to the incident, police said. It was seen passing through the area several times just prior to the shot.

Anyone with information should contact Manchester police at 668-8711.