August 02. 2013 11:08PM

Complaints filed against Hooksett School Board chairman

Union Leader Correspondent

HOOKSETT — The consistent infighting between Hooksett School Board members has expanded, as two Hooksett residents have filed formal complaints against School Board Chairman Trisha Korkosz.

The first complaint was filed by Ray and Michelle Miclette regarding changes made to school board policy, and the other, filed by Marc Miville, takes issue with Korkosz’s handling of a formal complaint filed against fellow board member John Lyscars.

For her part, Korkosz said she has consulted with a school district attorney and has been told that she did nothing wrong regarding Lyscars or the changes to the policy.

“This has nothing to do with the education of the school district’s students, and the people accusing me of breaking the rules are not following the rules themselves,” Korkosz said, adding, “I didn’t violate policy, so I expect nothing will change.”

Along with filing a complaint, Korkosz said she has received multiple right-to-know requests from fellow board member David Pearl, asking for some of her recent notes and correspondence. Pearl has also filed a formal complaint against the board regarding the policy changes, which were made during a July 16 meeting.

“I don’t think that is any way to do business on a public board. I feel that the decision was dictated by the Chair (Korkosz), and I filed that complaint as a citizen,” Pearl said.

He said, “I filed the complaint because we modified three policies without following the policy for modifying policy.”

In their complaint, the Miclettes assert the same thing.

“Failure to know and understand this policy, and the subsequent allowance of this illegal procedure by Chairwoman Korkosz shows an egregious lack of understanding of policy procedure,” Miclettes writes in his complaint.

Korkosz said the board will address Pearl’s complaint, along with Miclettes’ and Miville’s, during the school board meeting Aug. 7.

“I didn’t violate policy; the school board can revise policy at any time, and there doesn’t have to be a first and second reading. We are a policy-setting board, that is what we do,” Korkosz said.

Miville’s complaint stems from a formal complaint filed against Lyscars by resident Jen Leger, which Korkosz addressed by saying the board would take no action.

“Chairman Korkosz’s personal disclosure of the ‘private’ complaint at a public school board environment, without the knowledge of your fellow board members, and with obvious intent to harm both parties involved, seemed to violate all common sense,” Miville wrote in his complaint.

While Pearl’s complaint was filed prior to the agreement recently reached between the Manchester and Hooksett school districts that will terminate Hooksett’s sending contract in 2014, the Miclettes’ and Miville’s complaints were filed afterward, leading Korkosz to believe their unhappiness with the settlement led to their filing complaints on unrelated matters.

“I absolutely think they are related,” Korkosz said.

The agreement between Manchester and Hooksett settles Hooksett’s breach claim against Manchester and Manchester’s injunction claim against Hooksett.

While Hooksett gets out of the sending contract roughly four years early, Hooksett is required to pay Manchester $200,000 as a result of the agreement.