September 18. 2013 12:40AM

Derry official says Dumpster Depot 'lied to us'

Union Leader Correspondent

DERRY — During a Town Council meeting last night, a member of the Conservation Commission said he felt commissioners were deceived by representatives of Dumpster Depot.

Commission member Paul Doolittle said commissioners were told that the business would be bringing back only empty Dumpsters to the proposed facility on Ashleigh Drive. But according to a condition approved as part of the plan last month by the Planning Board, the company can bring back full Dumpsters.

“Basically they lied to us,” Doolittle said after the meeting. “They told us they were going to do something and they changed. Our signatures were not based on the information they gave us.”

The decision by the Planning Board allows the business to have full Dumpsters left at the facility for 24 hours on weekdays and 36 hours on weekends.

Any Dumpster left would have to be covered and remain in the truck under an enclosed canopy at the facility, according to a condition of the plan approved by the Planning Board.

But when Conservation Commission members approved the plan in May, there wasn’t any mention of full Dumpsters being brought back to the business, Doolittle said.

Doolittle said the representatives of the business need to come back to the Conservation Commission.

“They need to come back before us and they’re not legal,” he said after the meeting. “We can take back our approval and they need our approval.”

During last night’s meeting, Town Councilors listened to the comments from Doolittle and neighbors living near the site who oppose the plan, but didn’t take any action.

Abutter Brenda Wilson, who has filed an appeal with the Planning Board, presented reasons for why the business shouldn’t be allowed to come to Derry.

Dumpster Depot owner David Paul has said he understands residents living near the proposed facility don’t want it in their back yard, but that it is allowed in the industrial-zoned section. Paul said last month that he has gone through the legal process and the plan was approved and passed all regulations.

In the Aug. 21 meeting, the Planning Board voted 5-2 to approve the proposal that calls for the construction of a two-story, 7,200-square-foot building with outside space for 350 Dumpsters. Planning Board members Al Dimmock and Ann Marie Alongi voted against the plan. Dimmock is the Town Council’s liason to the Planning Board.

The Dumpsters would be rented out to individuals or contracting companies on Ashleigh Drive.

The plan has drawn the ire of neighbors who say the business doesn’t belong in the area and will cause noise, pollution and increase rodent and mosquito activity.