October 08. 2013 10:19AM

Salem woman accused of drunk driving four times held without bail pending trial

Union Leader Correspondent

SALEM – A Salem woman with a history of being arrested for driving under the influence is being held without bail pending her trial.

Jacquelyn Plum, 46, of 22 Millville Circle, Salem, has pending trials for two different cases of driving while intoxicated, second offense. Police said her most recent arrest came when she waved at a police officer on a road construction detail, and that officer recognized her after arresting her in March. 

At a hearing in Salem District Court on Monday, Salem police prosecuting attorney Jason Grosky moved to revoke Plum's $10,000 bail stemming from a September incident, arguing that it was the only way to keep her alcohol-free and ensure that she does not get behind the wheel of a car.

Judge John A. Korbey granted the prosecution's request and ordered Plum held without bail pending trial. She was taken into custody at court and transported to Rockingham County House of Corrections, according to Salem Deputy Police Chief Shawn Patten.

Patten said Plum has been arrested four times and charged with DWI - in 2005, 2006, and twice this year.
Plum is scheduled to return to court for a preliminary hearing on all matters in two weeks. Trial dates have not been set, according to Patten.

Plum's most recent brushes with the law date back to March 30 of this year, when she was arrested for driving while intoxicated, second offense. Hours after Plum was bailed out, she was arrested for having an open container of alcohol as a passenger in a different vehicle, Patten stated.

While pending trial on that charge, Patten said she was arrested and charged with another driving while intoxicated on Aug. 28. She was arraigned in Salem District Court on the next day where she was freed on $10,000 cash bail and court-ordered not to drive until her cases were resolved.

“Then, on September 30, she allegedly drove a convertible yellow sports car by a road construction on Bluff Street Extension,” said Patten. “As she drove by, she apparently waved at Salem police officer Robert Kirley, who was working the road detail.”

Kirley recognized Plum, since he was the arresting officer on her March arrest. Police then arrested her on a warrant for driving after suspension and breach of bail conditions.

In court on Monday, Grosky argued that Plum is a public danger, that her first DWI involved a two-car crash, and that the second came after another motorist allegedly found her passed out in her car while stopped at a green light.

Plum's lawyer, Paul Garrity, asked the judge to let her remain free, but to place her on electronic monitoring and have her report to the police department for daily alcohol checks.