November 23. 2013 2:21AM

Mega-X Gas makes mega purchase to double its NH footprint

Sunday News Correspondent

Mega-X has doubled the amount of locations in the state after the purchase of five gas stations earlier this month, two of which will operate under the Mega-X name. (BENJAMIN C. KLEIN/Union Leader Correspondent)

AUBURN - Mega-X Gas Stations has doubled its locations after completing a purchase earlier this month of five Mobil gas stations from the Vermont-based S.B. Collins Inc., found throughout Southern New Hampshire.

Bill Moffitt, who serves as a general manager for Mega-X, said that of the five stores purchased by Mega-X owner Eli Elchalfoun, the gas stations in Hooksett on the Londonderry Turnpike and in Manchester on Harvey Road have already transitioned to operate under the Mega-X name. The locations in Windham and Allenstown will be leased, and the second location in Manchester has already been sold, he said.

"(Elchalfoun) sold it, like, five minutes after he bought it," Moffitt said.

While the Auburn store has a sign indicating it is now owned Mega-X, it's been business as usual while the changeover is under way.

"Now we have locations in Auburn, Manchester, Hooksett and Allenstown," Moffitt said.

Moffitt said more work is needed to be done before the Manchester and Auburn locations have fully transitioned. He added that Mega-X employees, including himself, have been hard at work to make sure everything goes smoothly.

"The response from the customers has been really good so far. While I can't say if business has been better because we weren't here before and have nothing to compare it to, I can say that we have been welcomed with open arms," Moffitt said from the Auburn location.

He added that he would like to add a Dunkin' Donuts to the Auburn store, which he said has proven to be an effective partnership in the past.

"It would definitely increase business merely by bringing more people in here," Moffit said. "We have a Dunkin Donuts in our Hooksett location, and they work, they bring people in, so we already know this would be a good partnership."

Shawn Bartlett of Jolley Associates said the Jolley family's decision to sell the five stations does not mean the company is leaving the Granite State market but that it was a market opportunity too good to pass up.

"We still have stores in New Hampshire," he said.