January 23. 2014 8:53PM

Police say Brookline burglary was phony

Theresa Cantella 

BROOKLINE — A local woman was arrested Thursday on charges she faked a burglary at her home last week, but police said she has yet to give them a reason why.

Police said they responded to the 11 Cranberry Lane home of Theresa Cantella, 25, on Jan. 15 and found her lying at the bottom of a flight of stairs. She said she suffered injuries after interrupting a burglary and was assaulted by an intruder.

Police said in a release that a subsequent investigation did not match evidence at the scene with Cantella's original statement.

During a follow up interview at the Brookline police station, "Cantella confessed she fabricated the story, caused injury to herself and staged the scene at her residence to make it appear as if she walked in on a burglary in progress," the release said.

She did not give a reason why she fabricated the story, police said.

She was charged with making a false report and is scheduled to appear Feb. 4 in Milford Circuit Court.