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Sentencing postponed for former Deefield chief's wife in $250k theft from her disabled veteran father

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March 24. 2014 8:03PM

CONCORD — Sentencing is scheduled for May 16 in U.S. District Court for a Newfields woman who stole more than $250,000 from her father, a disabled veteran who lives in Florida.

Amy Greeley, 43, a former school teacher and state education department disability examiner, pleaded guilty Sept. 30, 2013, to spending the Veterans Administration payments. She admitted forging documents to convince the VA the money was being invested for her father, whose housing and medical care are provided by the VA.

Greeley is the wife of former Deerfield Police Chief Michael Greeley, who retired Dec. 31, 2013. He is not accused of having any knowledge of Greeley’s theft.

Federal public defender Jeffrey Levin seeks three years of probation for Greeley, with the first year on home confinement, saying she has many medical needs that couldn’t be met in federal prison.

He also argues her husband and her daughter, who is married with two children, need her to be at home and/or available to them and submitted a number of letters from family and friends praising Greeley for the support she has provided to them.

Levin said Greeley is remorseful and only stole the money because she and her husband were “working very hard but barely making ends meet.”

First Assistant U.S. Attorney Donald Feith disputes that. He said Greeley was earning $45,809 per year from 2005 through 2008 as a teacher and her husband, Michael Greeley, as Deerfield chief, was presumably making at least as much as the average Deerfield police officer compensation of $42,000.

Feith argued that with a combined income of more than $87,000 a year, a family of four (both Amy and Michael have a daughter from a previous marriage) could have maintained a comfortable lifestyle.

Instead, he argued, it appears Amy Greeley chose a lifestyle she could not afford and financed it with her father’s money.

Feith said Greeley should be sentenced to 24 months in prison. He said Greeley committed theft over a long period and only felt remorse after her scheme was discovered.

According to the plea agreement, the VA investigation began after Greeley filed a federal fiduciary account report in December 2010. She listed specific CD and checking accounts, with respective account numbers and current balances. The form had the purported signature of the bank manager and seal or stamp of the bank.

But when the VA Fiduciary Unit in Manchester requested certain supporting documents, which Greeley could not provide, the scheme began to unravel.

Feith said bank records can only be retrieved back to 2004, two years after Greeley’s appointment as fiduciary, but while Levin said Greeley took small amounts at first, within two years Greeley had taken and spent almost $59,000, leaving just under $60 in her father’s account.

When the VA began making payments, the monthly amount was $2,163, which grew to $2,673 by the time she was terminated as fiduciary in 2011.

Although some of the missing money could be replaced through the bond Greeley was required to purchase as a fiduciary, it would only cover $200,000 of the money taken.

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