March 24. 2014 7:57PM

Incoming library director eager to take on her new role

Union Leader Correspondent

Peterborough residents Roland Patten and Ann Lessard meet the town's new library director, Corinne Chronopoulos, left, at a welcoming event at the library Monday morning. (Meghan Pierce Photo)

PETERBOROUGH — Residents had the chance to meet their new library director at a welcoming reception at the library Monday morning.

Corinne Chronopoulos of Wilton, currently the Pelham Public Library director, will take on the position of Peterborough Town Library director in mid-June, said Marcia Patten, chairwoman of the Peterborough Library Board of Trustees.

"I was gratified by the turnout today. It indicates community interest and support in our new library director," Patten said.

Along with residents, state librarian Michael York also attended the event.

Chronopoulos was chosen out of 49 applicants, Patten said.

Chronopoulos has shown an affinity for community collaboration and merging library services with the latest technology, Patten said.

"She built the website for the Pelham library and we're hoping that she'll do that for us. In fact, she can't wait," Patten said.

Select Board member Barbara Miller said although the town has studied a library renovation or construction of a new building for many years, Chronopoulos has expressed that it is also important to focus on capitalizing on the resources the current library building has.

"It's just refreshing to have a new pair of eyes looking at the library," Miller said, of maximizing use of the current library building. "It's great to think out of the box, but I kind of think in this situation you have to think within the box."

Chronopoulos said adding new programing will be one of her first priorities.

"Programing is our number one focus," she said. "You have to come out strong with programming to get people in the building. How many people still walk in here and say, 'You have DVDs?' "

Chronopoulos said she looks forward to moving to Peterborough as soon as possible with her husband, Charlie Chronopoulos, a freelance musician, and their 2-year-old son Counsel.

"It's such a vibrant, alive place. It's perfect for my family. I think it's a real good cultural fit for us," she said. "I've been waiting for a job at this library. It's just a really good fit for us."

A New Hampshire native, Chronopoulos grew up in Hudson.

Chronopoulos is currently the vice president of the reference and adult services section of the New Hampshire Library Association.

She has a master's degree in library science from Simmons Graduate School of Information and Library Science and a degree of anthropology from the University of New Hampshire.

Chronopoulos succeeds Michael Price, who plans to retire in June after a 30-year career as a library director that includes 14 years as library director in Peterborough.